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Some people say it stops working after a little while, but I have never run into the problem. The following Pokemon are obtainable through a wild encounter using the codes listed. Hi guys. This code'll give you the event Genesect in the 1st slot in your party. Genesect will replace it. Good luck. It will give you the maximum amount of cash that you could ever get and when you spend it, and you still want the cash, just press START again. An Epic Blazekin. All codes shur to work. Please remember that using too many codes will crash your game. Use one code at a time. Press select to activate codes.

Puts the Lv 25 Pokemon in your PC in box 8. If you're using an emulator make sure it's update or these codes more than likely will not work. This codes were made for Pokemon Black 2, I don't know if they work in White 2.

All Party Pokemon Earn Exp. Points Added 30 Jan , ID All party Pokemon earn Exp. Points after an opposing Pokemon has fainted. These codes give you Pokemon that were handed out during WiFi Events. This is because from what I've read it wasn't programmed into the game to be sent as a Wifi Event. So instead, the code for Deoxys is for the GameStop version that was distributed at their stores. All 3 of the codes have been tested by me and do work.

Press select to get Landorus. It will be in Box 1 Pokemon 2. They all have Rash Nature. How To Activate 1. Save game before applying codes. Make Sure no Pokemon are in Box 7's 2, 3, 4 slots. Activate codes with the Select Button. I have tested many codes and I hate it when they don't work all of the codes that I post will work! This code gives you a Lv. You have to press Select. Gives a Pokemon of your choice the Pokerus virus. Can be used on as many as you like! Page 1 of 8. Type a word or phrase to search for.

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Your Codes You are not logged in. Remember to leave those slots empty, or any Pokemon in those slots will be replaced. Once obtaining the Patrats, simply take the Chill and Douse Drives they are holding and release, trade, train, etc. Them to your heart's content. Requested by pandicito ID Have fun cheating ; Please let me know in the comments how this goes and if you recommend any possible improvements to this code.

Shiny lucario level 50 press select pc box 3 slot 1 legit moveset. This is my first Action Replay code for a Pokemon game. This code is for a crazy strong Magikarp. Replaces the Pokemon in the first slot of your party! Has all Ribbons and is holding a Master Ball. Gives you the Liberty Pass so you can get victini. A random Pokemon will appear with a random level. I have only make thundurus and tornadus I will try to make more soon. Level: 77 Pokeball: Premier Ball.

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How to Play Nintendo DS Games on Mac! Desmume Setup for Mac! DS Emulator for Mac!

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Citra is a user-friendly program that allows you to play Nintendo 3DS games on your computer. You can download it here for free. This program is initially a freeware. You can check its complete features here.

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It is the first Nintendo DS emulator to run some commercial games. You can check its official site for more information. It already runs on a few commercial game, and its compatibility is fairly good. You can download it for free at Softonic. You can download it free at Coolrom. No doubt, CyberpowerPC provides ultimate solution for apps for smartphones and PCs, and I am kind a fan of this site since very long time.