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The fastest, SDXC, was introduced in Mac Mini models with SD card readers support all three generations; however, SD readers can only use cards from the device's generation and prior generations.

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MicroSD and miniSD cards often include a full-sized SD reader adapter that looks just like a full-sized card but features a connection slot for the smaller card. The Mac Mini's reader is too large to work with miniSD and microSD cards, which may get stuck in the slot if inserted.

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Many mobile devices such as cellular phones and cameras use the smaller microSD and miniSD standards to reduce the size of the device by using a smaller card slot. Insert the card into the reader slot with the connectors facing down and towards the device.

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The card will slide in and click into place. The Mac Mini will mount and access the card automatically. Drag the card's icon into the trash to unmount the device before ejecting it to prevent data corruption. SD cards can be removed from a powered-down Mac Mini without a problem. There can be problems with SD card slots not working properly.

Users cannot get access to files stored on their SD cards, although the latter seem to be undamaged.

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If reinserting a card and restarting a computer does not help, you should start with determining the cause of this issue. It is not necessarily related to the SD card slot.

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First of all, make sure you insert your card properly. The metal contacts must face down and point toward your Mac.

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Put the card in carefully, but not too slowly: sometimes it does not mount properly because of it. Having another SD card for a test significantly simplifies the task. But if you do not have it, the first solution is to launch the Image Capture app before inserting a card.

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If it does not help, there may be problems with contacts. Try inserting a card leaving a part of it outside, and then lift it up a bit with a little pressure. You should also make sure the contacts on your card are clean. Rub them lightly with a new pencil eraser. Then open a card up and clean internal contacts.

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Then you should return it for warranty replacement. Apple suggests doing this if your Mac does not recognize external devices. If this approach is not successful, try the following steps. If you see the card in Disk Utility, try recovering it, since it may be corrupted.