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They just don't work A few thoughts, all of which should be approached with caution. Reset the network stack? Did the working adapter came with software that you installed, or is Windows managing it? If you think you could recover, I'd uninstall anything that came with the N, including its drivers but especially any management software that came with it. If you're sure that you can get drivers back on the thing, one way or another, you might also go into the device manager and look at the Network adapters. With CAUTION, you can delete right-click, uninstall drivers associated with any actual hardware interfaces that no longer exist, such as the Belkin adapter, if it's on the list.

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But watch out for valid but "logical" adapters like that wacky Teredo thing - leave them well enough alone. I have uninstalled that before installing the other card s and their softwares and drivers.

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I've tried just installing the drivers for the new cards and letting Windows manage things and I've also tried installing their respective management software but the results are the same either way. I've uninstalled the Belkin through Programs and Features but not the device manager. It disappears completely from the device manager after uninstalling it from Ps 'n Fs though.

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I'll give that a shot, uninstalling via Device Manager first and see what happens. And 3 didn't do it either. Very odd. Usually these things are load and go. Try doing mtu tests by pinging a device with byte packet with fragmentation turned off. Then try a ping with packet size set to bytes and fragmentation turned off. The first should work but not the second. EdiView Finder Macintosh. Please reset the camera to factory default after you upgrade to v2. Please reset the camera to factory default after you upgrade to v3.

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If you prefer EdiPlug App, please use v2. Upgrade Utility for Macintosh Win v1. How to upgrade firmware of EWAPn v1.

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BRAC v2. Wireless Wireless AC adapter for Linux Kernel 2. Links are on left. Wireless AC adapter for Linux kernel 2. Auto Setup program v1.

Belkin N300 High Performance Wi-fi USB Adapter - up to 300mbps

Setup program v1. Single Band 5Ghz Mac v1. Windows v1. Windows Instruction for Windows Edimax N Wireless Dual Band. Win v Mac v Apr 23, PM. Apr 23, PM in response to mlthmp In response to mlthmp. If so, this would not be unusual. Sometimes, you can try a search for the chipset, and following that Mac software if any for this chipset.

Otherwise, the best solution is to make sure that the supplier can guarantee support for your Mac system two example USB adapters for If you want to avoid the drivers problem, choose a wireless Ethernet bridge also known as a gaming or media adapter instead.

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