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Dopo averlo scaricato e installato basta collegare un volume APFS per montarlo automaticamente. Paragon mette a disposizione una utility simile anche per Linux. Su macitynet. Tutorial e FAQ. Trovare iPhone o iPad perso usando Siri anche da Mac. Dove scaricare software per i vecchi Mac?

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AirDrop sul Mac: come inviare i file direttamente sulla Scrivania o altre cartelle. Masterizzare con Mac, la guida completa di Macitynet. Come richiamare tutti i destinatari delle mail inviate da Mac. Come risolvere i problemi delle connessioni Wi-Fi in macOS. Nuova falla nei processori Intel colpisce tutti i PC Windows.

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Ultimi Articoli. Siri contro Alexa contro Assistente Google, tutti migliorano ma uno vince 16 Ago SMB servers make their file systems and other resources available to clients on the network. Client computers may want access to the shared file systems and printers on the server, and in this primary functionality SMB has become best-known and most heavily used. However, the SMB file-server aspect would count for little without the NT domains suite of protocols, which provide NT-style domain-based authentication at the very least.

As of version 3 , Samba provides file and print services for Microsoft Windows clients and can integrate with a Windows NT 4. Samba4 installations can act as an Active Directory domain controller or member server, at Windows domain and forest functional levels.

Package managers in Linux distributions can search for the cifs-utils package. The package is from the Samba maintainers. It supports only SMB 2. The platform could be used for traditional NAS, Cloud Gateway, and Cloud Caching devices for providing secure access to files across a network. Likewise was purchased by EMC Isilon in It has the following advantages over user-space implementations: It provides better performance, and it's easier to implement some features like SMB Direct.

It supports SMB 3. The use of the SMB protocol has often correlated with a significant increase in broadcast traffic on a network. NetBIOS functions by broadcasting services available on a particular host at regular intervals. While this usually makes for an acceptable default in a network with a smaller number of hosts, increased broadcast traffic can cause problems as the number of hosts on the network increases. Since the release of Windows , the use of WINS for name resolution has been deprecated by Microsoft, with hierarchical Dynamic DNS now configured as the default name resolution protocol for all Windows operating systems.

WINS can still be configured on clients as a secondary name resolution protocol for interoperability with legacy Windows environments and applications. Network designers have found that latency has a significant impact on the performance of the SMB 1. Monitoring reveals a high degree of "chattiness" and a disregard of network latency between hosts. Microsoft has explained that performance issues come about primarily because SMB 1.

Microsoft added several extensions to its own SMB implementation. The NT 4. Opportunistic locking support has changed with each server release. In the SMB protocol, opportunistic locking is a mechanism designed to improve performance by controlling caching of network files by the client. Clients holding an OpLock do not really hold a lock on the file, instead they are notified via a break when another client wants to access the file in a way inconsistent with their lock.

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The other client's request is held up while the break is being processed. Over the years, there have been many security vulnerabilities in Microsoft's implementation of the protocol or components on which it directly relies.

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Real-time attack tracking [55] shows that SMB is one of the primary attack vectors for intrusion attempts, [56] for example the Sony Pictures attack , [57] and the WannaCry ransomware attack of The specifications for the SMB are proprietary and were originally closed, thereby forcing other vendors and projects to reverse-engineer the protocol in order to interoperate with it. The SMB 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: Samba software. This section needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. April You can help by adding to it. January Microsoft TechNet Library. Retrieved August 20, July 25, The set of message packets that defines a particular version of the protocol is called a dialect.

October 22, Once the task is scheduled, in the main scheduler window you will see the task with a brief summary. Nella finestra di sincronizzazione puoi selezionare il tipo di sincronizzazione che desideri effettuare. To exclude some concrete files it is not necessary to configure some rules, just find the files in the synchronization tasks list and click on the synchronization action icon and select "Do nothing".

However you can set up rules to exclude multiple files easily. To configure the rules, click on the "Filter" button in the synchronization configuration window. Hash value is a digital signature for each file. By comparing this signatures Air Explorer can know if the files are the same so Air Explorer in that case does not updated this file while synchronizes. There are different hash functions and each cloud uses one of them. The hash comparison only can do with clouds that use the same hash.

Air Explorer can work as a FTP client. IT allows you to transfer files between your FTP server and your computer or any other of the supported cloud servers. Now you can work with your FTP account uploading and downloading files. With the Pro version you can add several FTP accounts and even copy and synchronize files between them. Yandex is a Russian cloud storage that give you 10 GB of free storage.

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You can add it easily in Air Explorer. Once you have registered in Yandex, you just have to add your username and password in Air Explorer to add the account. If you have a Yandex account and you have enabled 2factor authentication then you have to do one step more to add your account in Air Explorer. You have to enter in your Yandex account panel and generate an application password. Then, add your username and the new password that you generated in the application password.

Air Explorer has the option to use a command line to start a synchronization automatically. If you want to use it, first you have to save a synchronization. Then, write the command: AirExplorer. This command can be used in the Windows Task Scheduler to Schedule periodic synchronizations.

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This feature is only available to Pro users. Air Explorer has a command line client that allows you to perform some operations with the cloud servers without having to open Air Explorer.