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Retro Gamer, I'm getting the same error message. Did you figure out how to get around it? Brent 1 point.

Let's Play Civilization 5 Multiplayer Gameplay - America - Part 1: Burgerdale

Retro Gamer 0 point. The error i'm getting is: Could not find a translation extension with appropriate translators. T2 11 points Mac version. HP, I installed it last night and it runs beautifully. Everything you need is there, including the old scenarios I remember. You do need to ensure you have an emulator running OS 9 for it to open. None of these old games will run on OS X. Once it's running, just open the Civilisation II Gold.

Open up the emulator, click on the Unix drive, and you'll see Civ there. Just double click and you're away. I'm new to all this stuff and am in dire need of help Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you'd like. We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. They get a bad start, or something early goes wrong, like getting beat for a wonder.

Plus people don't work together. Alliances are a key part of history. People will let one player dominate instead of trying to form a strategic alliance. Hell the frickin' AI Does this in single player Also, no one can commit to playing a game to its natural conclusion. If after 5 hours someone needs to go, then just agree to meet up at a specific time later. This is impossible. Finding the right opponents is definitely a major element in getting a good multiplayer game going.

Does anyone know why the game is not giving me the option of playing with internet? Assuming you're online, the problem would seem to be with your firewall or router. I'm different to most people I've only ever played Civ V multiplayer We've been playing Civ V as a 4 player game since it came out every Friday night.

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Recently in the last couple of months it has grown to 6 players. Now 7 starting this week ;-. Strangey, I never play Civ 4 single player either I think I'm the only Civ fanatic that doesn't like any of the Civs after 3. The screen gets too muddied up with all the non-stacked units and 3-d effects. Make no mistake, the first 3 civs and their expansions have eaten more of my time than all other games combined, I just can't get into the 3-d scheme. I feel bad, because my brother got it for me a few years ago, and I've played it less than 20 hours before I quit trying to like it.

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Dude Civ 3 is by far my favorite too. Civ V really is a great game once you get used to it though. The AI is much smarter now. Rob Nightingale.

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