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If anyone would be interest to update this guide, continue in fixiing in latest MacOS. Feel free to take any information and pictures from this post. Giving credit to me and TeslaStormX is optional.

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I would suggest you to give credit to sudo who the one first bring method in steam community. The Big Eye 19 Mar pm. Using Mojave Would love a fix or some idea of what steps to take. This worked perfectly on Mojave in a Macbook Pro , Thank you so much! MunnyRabbit 9 Mar pm. I'm having the same exact issue as 2D Sol and natersgonnanate. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Steam and AoE. I've tried deleting the file and then verifying game file integrity, and still comes up.

Version of the popular strategy game for Mac

I'm running Mojave on a MacBook Pro I'm having the same exact issue as 2D Sol. Please if someone can help. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times, I've updated Wine to the recent one, I've even tried downgrading Wine to 2. Anyone else getting this same issue??? How can I fix this? John Brey 17 Feb am. I lost the game since around October of but I just got it working. I deleted play on Mac, steam and xquartz from my computer then redownloaded them. I used the 2. Have the same problem as Lisa33 with wine version 3.

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It just to work just fine. But wanted to update it. I'm getting a failed to load texture fatal error. Any ideas? Hi, I'm having problems with the Steam main page just after i login; it appears, but every letter is just replaced with squares, so i can't read or even understand anything on the interface.

I guess is a bug on wine or something, any suggestions? Ragobsky 15 Sep, am.

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I don't know why the game worked very well. I could play online. And now, i appear offline. So i did installation and all instructions again. It look like i'm offline so i can't download the game :' Someone know how to make it work? I get a black screen when i open a new map begin a standard game. I can see the menus before though. And I can see the menus within the game, and the mini-map, but i cant se the map and my slaves and so on.

What do I do? Add -nostartup to the game's command line. This can be done from Steam. But i'm not playing it through steam. The alternative is to open Crossover, select the bottle where AoE is installed then click the Run Command button. Navigate to where AoE is installed, select the relevant exe file and add -nostartup.

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You can create a launcher if this works for you by clicking the Create Launcher button. Hello, Ive had a problem with opening Age of empires II.

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I successfully downloaded it and was able to play it well without the disc, and anyway the disc wont work as long as crossover was ok. It was fine until I had to reinstall crossover again. However, crossover's new version I always use the run command and unzip method to open AOE II, but this time instead of opening, the command would stop running, and nothing would happen. I tried reinstalling again, refreshing the bottles, creating new bottles WinXP and Win98 and even transferring files to the application support folder without luck.

Age of Empires II and iMac

I use a MacBook version Please respond! And thanks in advance. Have any idea what i should do? Since installing Yosemite and the update to Crossover No errors or anything just nothing. I've got the -nostartup in the command line via Steam. Does anyone have any ideas what else I can try? I'm not even sure if I can find error logs anywhere that might be helpful.

Como descargar age of empires 2 para Mac (Cualquier OSX)