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If you want to share your theme with others, just right click on the theme in your theme list and choose " Save Theme for Sharing ," then choose a name for your theme. By default it will be stored in the My Documents folder. In under five minutes once you choose your wallpaper and icons you can make Windows 7 look something like this:.

Download OS X Yosemite Theme for Windows 7, 8.x, XP and Vista | TechGainer

Yes, it's not the most dramatic makeover, but in a very short amount of time, we've taken Windows 7 and given it enough subtle Mac-like touches that it will feel just a bit homier to Mac fans. Of course, if you're a little more adventurous and really want to transform Windows 7, you can check out this complete Mac OS X skin made for Windows 7! Note that the skin was made for an older build of Windows 7 and may not work with newer versions out of the box — so, it's definitely not for the faint of heart.

What other places do you go to find wallpaper and icons? Share your favorites in the comments.


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macOS Transformation Pack 5.0

Also some of you may have bored of using the same Windows interface years after years. This is how right side Windows 8.

Your Windows OS will continue to work as the way it worked before. WindowsX team typically develops two kinds of theme packs. As both is for nearly same purpose, when you are going to download and install any of these theme packs on your Windows, it may come to your mind that which should I get? Transformations or UX pack? So if you want to fully integrate the theme pack, go for Transformation Pack.

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UX pack gives you less risk of damaging system. Though these theme packs are risk free and much easier to install and uninstall than earlier versions, before you proceed to install, I strongly recommend to created a system restore point on your Windows so that your can come back to previous state if something bad happens. As I said earlier, Transformations pack will modify some system files. Over the years, the developers of Transformation Packs has made it easier to install their themes. And today, their installer packs handles everything that need to be installed, patched and configured.

So the theme will instantly be ready after install.

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The only hassle is you might need to restart your PC. Double click on the installer to run installation. The first thing you should see is Yosemite Transformation Pack installer window. The settings and options here may vary depending on your version of Windows. Close all running programs before proceeding. Hit Install to start the installation.

As soon as you hit the installation button, it will start to install showing you a progress window like following:. Yasir Zia Email: yasirzia live. Do you recommend it?

Step 1: Step 1 Download & Install Rocketdock

Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. Once you have WindowBlinds installed, simply open the View full description. Gif Wallpaper Animator Personalization for Windows. Spotlight for Windows 7 Personalization for Windows. Free Download for Windows.