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Options available include scheduled and timer recording if required. All recorded footage has time and date stamping on the video itself, ideal for evidence gathering and the DVR can be set to overwrite once the internal memory has ben filled if needed. In addition to this the camera has the ability to work in very low light conditions due to the light sensing auto-switching functionality that ensures full colour recording in standard lighting conditions and monochrome black and white video recording when the ambient light gets particularly low.

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This ensures that transferring and playing back recorded footage is really quite simple. It really is a matter of connecting the supplied USB cable to this port and plugging the other end into a PC or Mac computer. If one is not present then we recommend a free downloadable media player named VLC. The ability to blend into the environment, run for a very respectable amount of time and produce high definition video and audio both in daylight and low light conditions, make this product worthy of serious consideration.

Ideal for a deployment in a room where there would naturally be a potential necessity for a carbon monoxide alarm system. Due to the fact that during manufacture the working parts of the original device have had to be removed, only the outer case is retained and therefore the original alarm function is no longer available.

The hidden spy camera is positioned in the front face of the Carbon Monoxide Alarm. It is simply a matter of removing the front cover and connecting the unit to a computer via USB lead to play back recorded files. No special software is required as such, although some computers may need an updated media player.

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We recommend a free download of either VLC or KM Player which will ensure that there are no problems playing back recordings. Yes, there is a microphone within this device. The microphone will be able to clearly record voices within a general 6 metre radius. Yes, it is very easy to identify people on the footage because high definition video is recorded as long as there is some light in the place where the recording takes place.

Home A great selection of resources available from one of the UKs No. This IP spy camera is one of the smallest we have seen. Yet, it has all the features of a good wireless spy camera. The Stoga mini spy camera has one stand-out feature, infrared LEDs that give it night vision ability. The built-in battery has a very good minute backup and degree wide-angle lens.

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The Titathink is a more polished version of the Phylink and has an external antenna. A generous 20ft long cable links the camera image sensor to the main unit. WPS for easy wireless setup. This wall clock is a perfect cover for keeping an eye on the nanny or for general security purposes in your home or office. This device is another ingenious way of concealing a spy camera.

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Main specifications: — Records video with audio and can take snapshots. The Arshiner Panda Camera is perfect for using in the nursery thanks to its cute appearance. Whether you want to use it as a baby monitor, or a spy camera, the p resolution and the built-in IR LEDs make it the perfect fit. The presence of a real IR cut filter sets it apart from other cheap IP spy cameras. This means you get a true colour image during daytime and a high quality night vision video in the dark.

Main specifications: — Cute Panda design, easy to hide in the home, office or other places. Support WPS function.

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This alarm clock spy camera has several unique features — the p sensor producing excellent quality video and images, the immense degree wide-angle lens, and the ability to send email alerts on motion detection. The podofo wireless spy camera consists of two halves — a wireless camera unit and a receiver unit. The camera unit is extremely small and it so you will be able to hide it in almost any location required.

Note that this is not a digital IP camera and so does not have any encryption whatsoever. Since it used standard frequencies, there is a chance that it may interfere with other wireless signals you may have in your home such as wireless doorbells.

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So please refer to the wireless frequencies and ensure there will be no interference. The camera does not support audio.

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It supports WiFi, and an effective wireless radius of 49ft. It has a 3. This generic wireless spy camera has a p sensor, and unusually supports WiFi-n speeds. P2P set-up technology ensures a quick and easy setup process. The lens being a separate unit makes it easy to position in nearly any hiding place. This xp HD mini hidden IP camera is very unique — it comes in the shape of a file folder.

Yes the manufacturer calls it a book but its actually a small file-folder. An excellent App - very easy to install and set up without the need for complicated network settings. Although my particular IP cameras were not listed as being supported EasyN F Series the app worked fine using the Foscam settings although I can not adjust the on camera parameters This also does not record sound as far as I can tell so far, it does a fine job of capturing video either continuosly or only when movement is detected.

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I use LiveCams Pro to adjust the on camera settings and the two apps compliment each other very well. I don't knowhow - but when I went into Dropbox to see if I could automatically upload the video I found a folder already existed and the captured videos were already in my dropbox account.

I would have given 5 stars or more had the facility been available to adjust the on camera settings - maybe if future versions have provision for the EasyN cameras, or I get new, already supported IP cameras then this will uprate it to 5 stars.

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