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Asked by:. Windows 10 IT Pro. Windows 10 Networking. Sign in to vote. Monday, May 1, PM. From my search, we can use the steps in this link below to see if can fix issue. If no help, you need to ask for help from WD Community or wait for Master browser update. Regards Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help. Tuesday, May 2, AM. This issue is new to the build. I tried all of those fixes prior to rolling back.

Does the WDTV Live Plus HD Media Player work with Mac?

Ok, we need to wait for update. But I can't get access to my Workgroup even with XP laptop. Wednesday, May 3, PM. Same problem here. To fix, I installed a media server on the affected computer and streamed content that way. Saturday, May 6, AM. You can still access a computer if you can specify the IP address of the computer you want to get the shares from or if you disable the computer browser on the edition and have another computer with an older version of Windows on the network acting as the master browser.

There is something VERY wrong with master browser. In contrast, on the gigabit wired network, the shared videos folder with nearly a terabyte and hundreds of movie files in the main HTPC storage drive was visible in a few seconds. This was not tried; there are too many bottlenecks between those points for such an operation to be speedy for transferring something like a big HD movie file.

All the comments regarding file access are specific to computers running Windows 7 and Vista, but I had similar results with a couple of Windows XP machines still on the network, and WD claims native Mac OS Leopard or Snow Leopard functionality as well. There are several different view options for each of the different types of media.

Videos have the most number of view options. In the list views, a small icon image shows up next to the highlighted files. For videos, the most interesting option is Preview , which actually plays the highlight video file in a small window above basic properties information about the file.

The Subtitle function is found here, although there is also a dedicated button for it on the remote. Subtitle files must be located in the same folder and have same filename as the video file. When subtitles were needed, I found it easiest to start the video, then immediately pause it, and click on the Options button to set up the subtitles.

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Another very useful function is Audio Lip Sync , which is just what it sounds like: Adjusts the timing between audio and video. There seems to be no limit to how much delay or advance; I stopped it at The time delay or advance engages immediately. When it is right, just hit the Back button to go back to viewing your video with the sound and action in sync. Back when it first came out, it wasn't suitable.

Now, it seems like it's a contender. Whether my C2D Mac Mini will be suitable or not, has yet to be seen. I suspect it may, and since I already have both the Mini and a Chromecast, I can try to use that combination to see if it works to my desires. My hopes is there's some way to direct Plex to a specific file folder on my network device that has the videos I want to watch, and that I can navigate to that area of Plex in a way that's easier than RDPing into the Mini.

How to get Network Shares and Shared Folders on WD TV Live.

My concern is if I'm streaming off the Mac Mini to a Chromecast, then how could the output possibly be better than what the Mini is currently capable of? Right now the Mini stutters on P and some P, although p is usually okay. The chrome cast is like 3 resistors soldered together to a WiFi modem and an HDMI cable Could the Chromecast actually improve the quality of the video coming out of the Mini?

In theory, the Mini is simply streaming the video to the Chromecast running Plex and the Mini isn't itself trying to push the video to the TV. So maybe the Chromecast is capable of doing a better job than the Mini, even if it gets the video stream from the Mini. Then again, it's a WiFi connection so I imagine the Chromecast will have bandwidth issues. However, if it works from a functionality standpoint, I'd be happy to buy a Amazon Fire TV thing which also supports Plex and I can probably hard-wire Cat6 directly into that device.

Keep in mind that RDPing from the Mini really isn't that hard. It just seems ridiculous that it's and it's the easiest way to do it still considering how popular streaming videos are. Even if I leave my home network, connect to another network, when I come home, it re-connects to the Mini without me having to do anything manual. Just click the icon, and the RDP appears.

The podcasts are downloaded on the Mini and essentially a network folder for video files.

WD TV Live - "the network share can not be found" | MacRumors Forums

If I could get something easy like this, where I told the Apple TV to pull up a list of video files in a certain folder and I could use the remote to scroll through them and play, that would be exactly what I want. Obviously ATV will never do that, but maybe Plex can do it or something else.

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Unfortunately, it seems like most of the media streamers lately are made by companies that want you to use their service. Google, Apple, Amazon all have their own video streaming services and don't want people to have an easy way to load up torrented or otherwise ripped video files. Seems like overkill but if it's by far the best way, then I'll continue doing it. Fuck you MS. One of these days I'm going to buy a router that has the firmware options to filter and block those ads. Given that you don't want to do any work to prepare your files for streaming, it's not surprising that no other solution is as infinitely flexible as connecting a system directly to the TV.

At the very least you'll need something like Plex which can reencode on the fly to a format the receiving device understands. I just use Playback as the streaming server and run my downloaded MKV files through Subler to shift no reencoding, just a container copy over to mp4. Subler does have a command line client, so you could script this, but unless you're downloading a high amount of content, doing it manually works just fine. I wonder if a cheap Android tablet like the Nexus 7 could work with Plex and the Chromecast to do what I want it to do.

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When I want to watch one of these videos, I pick up the Nexus 7, open the Plex app, there's a touch screen interface that has options like "netflix", "hulu", etc, but also one for my local videos that are on my network drive. Use the touch interface to easily click the option for the local videos.

The N7 is doing the heavy lifting, and maybe it's getting hot but it won't matter because I'm not using it for anything else except to transcode and stream to the chrome cast. I actually have a Nexus 4 phone that I don't use anymore since I got my iPhone that could potentially do the same thing, now that I think about it.

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Or at the very least, I can try this workflow out on the Nexus 4 to see if it's clunky. Biggest concerns are a the processor or the N4 or N7 might not be fast enough for p transcoding and b if it's not connected to power, it's going to get drained fast and connecting it to power while keeping it on my coffee table will be an ugly mess.

Plex should map easily to the network drive.

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It'll transcode on the fly. Connect the Mini and AppleTV to the same ethernet hub. That should solve the stuttering problems. AppleTV interface to PlexConnect is handled nicely through the remote. Basically, dump your files in whatever format on the network drive I'm guessing he's just having bittorrent download to that folder , pick up the AppleTV remote and go, which is exactly what he said he wants.

This solution has the obvious advantage of no new HW needed, and it's free. I'm assuming the way the AppleTV is tricked into thinking it's viewing trailers is reliable? However, I'm really suspicious of anything that requires transcoding on the fly. I used to work at a video-networking company we designed switched-video networking HW of the sort that cable companies use , and there are always issues around it.