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Sorry, I should have started my original comment with a well deserved compliment. You look great, especially in the outtakes! I love love love LOVE this color! I could never pull it off but it looks great on you! I am a devoted fan of Clambake but not of its super, super sheer-ness. You have done a great service. Off to find Lollipop! NARS Cruella is my favorite, but very blue-red and too heavy for teaching 2nd graders. Cover Girl Lipstains of all things brought lip color back to my day to day — is a red on the orange side…the color holds up and goes on light. Also, this is a super-matte lipstick.

Hmmmm…just looked at my MAC red…Lustre. Probably too blue toned for you, might even be too blue toned for me on some days. I think we should petition Clinic to bring back Ruby Melt. By the way, so glad you know about Mario Bedescu products. And, not to carry on too much off topic, thanks for the tip re: Wrinkle Revenge and Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, love them both!

OH how i miss ruby melt. It was my first makeup purchase when I was Those J. Crew images made me go out looking for red lipstick too something I have never worn, ever! I wound up with Nars pure matte in Vesuvio, which is more berry-red than orange-red, but yours looks great, too! Ahhh, the power of Jenna Lyons! She can make us paint our walls black and paint our lips red…. So glad to hear the lipstick worked out for you! On a tangent — your skin looks flawless in the photos. Please tell me you have awful undereye circles like I do, regardless of how much sleep I get and have found the miracle concealer!

Lasts all day with no caking or creasing. Love it! My skin is FAR from flawless, sadly. The lighting in the bathroom at my office is weirdly complementary, which is why I take so many photos in there! I have gigantic eyeballs, therefore I am cursed with crease lines, and since using the potion primer my shadow never, seriously, never creases. I use it on my dark under eye circles as well because it makes my foundation stick and last all day with no cracking or creasing.

Thanks for posting about this. BTW, I think you look great in the orange-red tones. I would love to see a list of products you are using right now. I think you made a list sometime last year. Under eye circles are my nemesis. Mine look like bruises, too. You do have to apply it with a quick hand and use it regularly, though, because it dries quickly in the applicator and during application. I keep trying and failing to make the MUFE concealer work for me. It was a lot of fun. I did a ton of comps for it initially with hand-drawn poppies and a lot of patchwork-style imagery.

The Perfect Red Lipstick: How To Find The Right Shade For You

I think it came out looking really luxe. Yellow teeth are one of those things I just never think about when it comes to makeup. And the match with the nails is perfecto mondo. You look great in red, Anna, but I understand the angst. And you know how to smile with your teeth showing and not look like an idiot. As a dark haired, dark eyed person, bright and intense colors pop on you.

I just put lollipop on my toes tonight. I absolutely love the colours essie is doing for j. I have to resort to translucent formulas. They all have a HUGE range from very fair to very dark, and have a lot of variation of tone within both ends of the spectrum.

I think it would look great on you, Victoria! Go for it! You are completely inspiring me to wear lipstick again. You look gorgeous — I think the hair really pulls it together! I tried lip liner underneath but for some reason it still wore off and every time I looked at my friend hers was perfect!! Beyond all of the tips and tricks you see in magazines to make lipstick last longer, the real trick is learning to live around your lipstick.

I used to wear thick, dark, opaque, matte lipstick every single day MAC Film Noir , and the keys to making it last were a not pressing my lips together after the initial application, and b opening my mouth farther when I put food in it. Maybe try putting Lady Danger on with your finger as a lip stain. Oooh, I almost died when that J. Crew catalog came out with the red-orange nails and lips! Thanks for posting the lip color! Thank you for this post. That color works really well on you.

I have been searching for this shade, too. When I first saw the J. Crew photo, I had to have it. I have found some I like, but none that match the J. Crew look. All of these tips are very helpful. Essie is available at most beauty supply shops, many salons, and some drugstores. Thank you! I want to check out both of them in person. I think it looks amazing on you!

And figured it would when you twitted about it! Not too many people can pull off red lipstick! I say, keep wearing it! Wow, so awesome! Red lips are one of those things that always feel alien to yourself, but makes everyone else look at you.

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In a good way. No time to read all the comments above but I had chatted online with a JCrew person and they told me it was Lady Danger by MAC on the lips and clambake by essie on the nails. I have been obsessing over this look. I got the j crew catalog in the mail, and the next day went hunting for the orange-red nail polish! I also noticed that the women on mad men wear that color a lot.

It does look great with neutrals. The lipstick looks great on you! But matching nails!!!??? I think you look absolutely amazing in that color. And as always, those bangs. Love those bangs. But your post about your uniform inspired me to buy my first pair of skinny jeans while pregnant no less! I am so jealous of people with freckles.

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Beyond always thinking you look great in the pictures you post, but more importantly hoping you feel great, who makes that couch? Thanks, Stephanie, and I wish I knew the manufacturer! I actually SAW this couch at an antiques fair a few years ago, and almost had a heart attack from the lust that overcame me. I went to several Beauty Brands and other beauty stores looking for Lollipop today — they all told me the color was discontinued!

I guess I might just try to order it from J. What a shame! You can also order directly from Essie …. And not draggy in the least. My only concern for myself is that orangey lipsticks make my teeth look yellow. Otherwise I would have that lipstick on in a heartbeat.

Which Lipstick Shades Make Teeth Look Whiter - Lipstick Colors For Whiter Teeth

Hi there!!! I work in an Aveda salon and saw one of our clients wearing the MAC red you have….. Amazing like she walked out and we all talked about her lipstick for 5 minutes.. I love makeup, can you tell! Thanks for sharing!! I have it now, and it is very matte. I like wearing it with Fresh Sugar Plum lip balm on top, it makes it a touch less matte and brings the orange down a slight notch. How funny that they gave you a completely different answer!

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I wonder if there are different shades on different models? Hard to know. LOVE your blog, Anna! NOT because of the lyrics, but the fantastic band!

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Hot-orange-red catsuits.. Mmm, that MAC blue red sounds nice… but has it got crushed Carmine beetle in it? Apparently 70, female beetles have to be crushed for a pound of red dye. Or red colour is synthetic. Any thoughts? Anna, you are too cute! Thanks for the rec on Lollipop! In bright sun it looks amazing and tomato-ey, but in blue winter light it just looks like a traffic cone.

Lollipop is like Clam Bake, just not a jelly? Ah the calamities of online shopping…. Clambake and Lollipop are almost identical, color-wise. I have both, and the only discernible difference is in the opacity. Another idea to make the bright red less draggy and more natural is to smudge out the outlines. Apply very close to the edges of the lip but not actually on the edges and then use a q-tip to blend and smudge it out.

So spot on! Love the bangs too, used to wear mine like that, now I want to change them back right this minute! Your hair and makeup is perfection! And my fingernails. Oh well, one day I will conquer wearing lipstick. One day! I have super thick hair as in a lot of hair but the individual hairs are fine that I usually wear layered. I also prefer a low maintenance style and yours looks like it can easily be styled wavy or straight.

My hair is somewhere between fine and average in terms of texture, I guess. Definitely NOT thick. Hair dye makes it look thicker, too…. Anna- Thanks so much for answering my question.

My hair currently has no style so I really have nothing to lose if I try it. You look spectacular in orange-red! Especially since you seem to favorite black and dark grey. Your features POP! Thanks so much for identifying this lipstick! Somehow, in my universe, it never occurred to me that this was a real shade I could go out and get at a store two blocks from my apt! Anna, you look so lovely! Love, love, love the orangey-red paired with the gray scarf. One more reason I love your blog Anna! I too, never smile with teeth.

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Shopping for a new lipstick shade is one of my biggest beauty stressors. Figuring out what shade suits my skin tone best, while simultaneously deciding whether to go satin, sheer, matte, cream, or liquid can make me — to put it mildly — flustered. The last time I went into a Sephora with the intention of buying a new nude, I came out sweaty and empty-handed, with two arms covered in rectangular lipstick swatches.

I then sorted through the answers and pulled the most-oft-submitted shades and formulas. If I feel tired looking, I apply it and my under-eye bags magically disappear.

Which Lipstick Colors Will Make Your Teeth Look Whiter?

It stays on so well, it made it all the way through a cooking class. And cooking classes are really just eating and drinking classes! The formula is a bit emollient without showing shine. I have light skin with olive undertones. It went on like chapstick and never made me feel dry — even when I was on Accutane! I have pale skin and platinum hair so it brings my skin to life. It also goes on really smooth and never dries my lips out. I love how it gives my fair complexion life instantly.