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Distilled water can be used, but avoid regular water, which contains minerals. Make sure the microfiber cloth is absolutely clean and has no hard particles sticking on the surface, which will scratch your LCD when you wipe it. Wet the surface with some alcohol and gently wipe with the microfiber cloth.

Wipe in one direction.

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The replacement display I received did not have a bracket around the edges so I can reinstall it. On the old display, it seems the bracket is screwed in, but even with all screws removed, I cannot get it to budge. Is there a trick? Is this even possible? Reassembly: be careful with the screws!

Remplacement du disque dur dans l'iMac Intel 27" EMC - Tutoriel de réparation iFixit

The magnets attract them and the screwdriver as well! Better to use a screwdriver without replaceable end insert. I had to use one of this second type and I struggled a lot! Try this easy GPU fix before buying a new graphics card! It fixed the white screen issue on my EMC Be careful with any tool while lifting the edge of the display. Under the top left edge of the display sits the bluetooth-antenna-connector.

I pulled it out while lifting. It was not such a great problem, cause i could just plug it in again. But maybe you could cut the small cable depending on the tool you use to lift. The display is quite heavy, an is fitted with a tight tolerance. I found it very difficult and dangerous, lifting it with any tool in one corner while the iMac was lying down.

Instead, after removing the T10 screws, it was quite easy pulling the display out of the iMac with my fingers on both sides, while the iMac was in the upright position. By doing that, you can easily hold the display with one hand and reach for the connecting cables with the other. I broke the short ribbon cable that attaches to the inner top of the display but all the pics show the display completely removed after all cables are disconnected without the short ribbon cable intact.

Does this short ribbon cable have a purpose and does it need to be reconnected? If so, how? Or is it just some worthless control put in by Apple to show its been messed with when brought back for repair? This cable is very small and fiddley to remove if you don't have much in the way of finger nails. The cables are very thin and fragile. It took me a bit of work to remove this cable, it was a hassle actually. What worked for me, without any tools, was to use your index and middle fingers' nails and pull it.

That worked better than the index and thumb. Took me like 15 minutes, more than what it should take. Yes, me too! I thought all the time, I'm gonna break it or tear off these tiny cables When the cable comes out, make note of which side has the gold contacts visible. On my cable, you could only see them from the "top" side aka, as you look down on it. From the "bottom" or back side of the cable, you could NOT see any gold contacts. This will help to orient the cable when reconnecting it. In my case, all the cable connectors were oriented having the golden contacts, as seen from the wide side of the connectors, oriented facing away from the board.

Was simple flat connecter with nothing other than blue coloring on end. Just flat gold connectors on bottom side. My solution is unconventional but works. I do not remove the cables! I work on the floor, lying on my belly. I open slowly and carefully only as far as the cables inside will allow. Use a flashlight so you can really see clearly.

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Then I prop up the both sides of the display using anything the right size box, a pair of boots… It is crucial of course that you have things propped up securely so screen can stay a few inches up without hands! I use a very short 10 Torx so I can remove the old HD. There is barely enough room to work but it is do-able with care and light! Close slowly. My cable was also taped to the inside of the case which made the cable VERY tight. Make sure to pull the cable loose from the case before lifting the display much at all. This connection is very fragile, and many people have broken the display connector on the logic board.

You need to carefully pull the connector out, and when putting it back together, you need to carefully push the connector back in. In my iMac the cable was stuck to the structure of the computer with a piece of foam tape. Pulling it very gently, gradually it detached with no damages. I pulled a bit too hard and metal cover over the module attached to the logic board came off from one side exposing metal teeth. To my surprise I managed to put it back. Even bigger surprise Mac works just fine! I managed to damage mine also.. I managed to fix it like Wojtek.

Would like to find a dead logic board and de-solder the connector for a spare; however, I think all the little pins fall out if you try that … SIGH! I also broke this socket. I am able to fit it back over all the pins correctly and reattach the thing using electrical tape to hold i down. However, I see no display nor backlight when I turn on the computer.

It does chime.

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Not sure if I got contact with the outer tabs non pints. Should the backlight turn on even if this cable is unplugged since there is a separate back light cable? You need to squeeze the connector top to unlatch, then pull it parallel to the LED backlight board. When I removed the cable, the black cable was leftmost, and the grey cable was rightmost.

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I replaced hard drive and added a second SSD on a 27" iMac. Everything seemed fine for about a year, and now the fans run continuously.

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I think it's this cable in Step 8; I'll get around to opening it up to check. And if the panel has no frame?

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How you unattach the frame from the old panel to place it on the new one? Vous voulez contribuer? Badges: Thanks this walkthrough really helped me out. My I Macs now super quiet. This worked well for me. Thanks i fix it. Thanks for the guide guys, managed to replace a broken HDD in no time. However, I'd like to mention that standard torx bits could not be used to remove the display, a normal screwdriver with replacable bits is too thick to fit in, and bits are too short, so you will need something thinner or longer bits.

I know there is a tutorial for adding an SSD as a second drive, but I and I'm sure others don't have a big enough need or feel comfortable with the process involved. This is a great guide. If you take your time and don't rush you wont have any problems. I just replaced the HD in my buddy's 27" iMac and had a blast doing it! Step by Step this guide walks you through the process without any questions. Thanks iFixit!

This guide was really helpful. It's like having a new computer. I did it! Everything seems running smoothly except for the fan is on all the time. It's only off when I sleep or shutoff the computer. I noted this issue down because look like it's common mistake. Any advice please help! It's nice and speedy now, but there was no place to plug in the HD thermal sensor on the SSD, so I just left it off for now.

The fans are running full speed, so clearly I need to do something with the cable. Any thoughts? I just wanted to add that I actually replaced the drive without steps 6 to Once the display could be lifted up, even without pressure on cables, I had enough room to remove the drive.

The fragile connectors were something I prefer not to deal with anyway! I realized this when I found myself reaching back into the cavity, over and past the HD, to unplug the display data cable that was harder to reach than the HD itself. I found the perfect prop to hold the monitor up that gives max height without strain on cables is the box that the suction cups are packed in. Remove the 3 plugs on the HD and hold-down 2 screws and it's out. Excellent guide. Replaced my failing seagate 1tb with a 2tb from ifixit as I didn't want to do the external sensor approach.

All was easy and effective. Some of the connectors were scary only in fear of tearing wires rather than applying removal pressure to just the connectors. First time restoring from TimeMachine too. I've replaced the HDD easily thanks to this guide! No complaints, easy enough. Note, newer technology cells and iMac solid-state adapter bracket, you could easily put a GB or terabyte solid-state in your iMac for zoom zoom time. I just installed a Seagate STDM, and I have the fast fan issue, so I took it all part again, and checked for another connector for the drive, and there are none not being used.

I put everything back together, and did an SMC reset, and it's still running fast. The existing drive was a Seagate STAS, and had no extra temperature sensors on it, and no other wiring. While having it open again, I checked for any other connections that might have been removed, or loosened, and found none. I guess it's not hurting anything running fast, but it would be nice to figure out what's causing it.

Excellent instructions. The instructions were clear and the pictures helped immensely. Thank you!! Great guide!!

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I then tried to plug the old 1tb HD Seagate to an external usb case for 3. The case is definitely functional since it operates now with another HD connected to it I have not tried a second case, since i do not have any Hi, i plugged it directly to the imac Tomorrow a friend of. Great guide.

Remplacement du disque dur dans l'iMac Intel 27" EMC 2390

By choosing another Seagate I was able to simply plug the existing heat sensor cable on to the new drive and everything works perfectly. No fan issues, no extra software required. Time Machine has restored about Gb overnight, and everything is back to normal. Because cracking the system is the hardest part, I also swapped out power supplies with one from iFixIt. Tried the cmd-r, the cmd-opt-p-r, and other resetting options with no luck. Cracked open the system again and confirmed the HHD cables are all in right. Still nothing. So I know it was working. I also used disk utility to see if I might be able to reformat the new drive now that it's internal.

DU didn't see it either. Problem solved! Once buttoned up, the drive was seen and MacOS initialized it without a problem. Be advised. Familiarisez-vous avec le concept de bureau. Familiarisez-vous avec la souris et le clavier. Ces deux instruments vous permettent de piloter votre ordinateur. Installez Microsoft Office est souvent le premier logiciel qu'on installe quand on a Windows. C'est une suite logicielle qui contient le fameux traitement de texte Word et le tableur Excel. Il est indispensable d'avoir de tels logiciels sur son ordinateur.

Les partisans de Mac affirment qu'il est plus facile d'installer des logiciels sur un Mac que sur un PC! Pour cela, vous pouvez utiliser, soit la souris, soit des raccourcis clavier. Vous pouvez aussi faire un clic droit avec la souris et dans le menu contextuel qui apparait, choisissez l'action voulue. Ouvrez et enregistrez vos fichiers.

Classez vos fichiers pour mieux les trouver. Souvent, une connexion filaire est plus rapide et plus stable qu'une connexion sans fil. Ouvrez un navigateur Internet. Il vous permet de vous connecter et de synchroniser votre compte Google. Chrome est disponible sur la page d'accueil de Google. Installez un antivirus. Naviguer sans antivirus frise l'inconscience! S'il y a de bonnes et belles choses sur Internet, sachez qu'il y a aussi le pire. Envoyez des courriels. Pour cela, vous avez besoin d'un compte avec une adresse mail.

La mise en place d'un compte mail se fait en quelques clics. Installez une imprimante.