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One of the best things to learn music production programs honestly is Youtube. So many people have put up tutorials on how to do things.

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Of course, the user manuals are always helpful although not always fun to read, haha. I have never paid for any books or training or anything for the programs I use, I just did a lot of reading and watching. You need to create some MIDI tracks that route their midi data to Omnisphere's tracks - set the output on the track to "1-Omnisphere", "2-Omnisphere", etc. Also, when during a prayer room set. How do you have your loops have the same BPM as the music that is being played. Did you just get a feel for how you should set your BPM during the set? Or is there a way to measure it during the set?

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Using instruments in Live will always send its audio through the output you've selected in Live's preferences, which is most likely always your computer's audio output. There's no easy way without another audio interface and some cables to route the instruments in Live back to your keyboard's speakers. My interface is both a MIDI and audio interface, and I connect the audio outputs from the interface to the sound system.

So I only use the keyboard as a controller. It never produces any sounds in and of itself. And as for the loops being synced to the beat, I run Live's metronome through another output on my audio interface, and only the musicians hear the metronome. So we play along to that, and any loops that I start are automatically synced to Live's tempo and thus fit the beat perfectly.

Just contact me. Give now. How I use my laptop for live music production. Laptops Acer Aspire E 15, HP Notebook aynr ASUS C Steinberg Cubase Elements 8 Recording Software. Reason 9. Your questions, answered Here's just some of your questions I've answered over email I'll keep pasting them here so that they're helpful to other readers! It seems to have hydraulics! I want to sync my loops and recorded material with the drummer. Do you use the metronome in Ableton Live?

How do I learn all these programs? When I use different instruments in the program, the sound comes out of my laptop not out of the speakers on my keyboard. Is yours like that as well?

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Or does the sound come out of your keyboard during the sets? What keyboard do you use as a MIDI controller? Do you recommend an inexpensive MIDI interface? Updates from Joshua Hawkins Email Address. First Name. Last Name. From twitter The one thing that has sustained me through peaks of happiness and canyons of sorrow is the understanding that my l… t. Partner with Josh As a full-time minister of the gospel of Jesus, Josh raises his own financial support. While my MainStage concerts expanded rapidly and included an increasing number of Logic VI's and effects I kept the Windows machine as a backup with all the basic VI's covered.

While I haven't had failure since I throw it in the car just to be sure I have a backup available ready to go in 60 seconds. Were I a pro doing high value gigs I would have it running on stage ready to go just in case. Older laptops are of little value but can be invaluable as a plug and play backup even if the concerts have to be cut down to run comfortably on a lesser spec machine.

Now I will only buy and use VI's that allow multiple installs on a single license. Those that don't, like Waves are a no go, as I am not going to pay for a second license which is just going to hang around largely unused on my backup machine. We are all at a different stage in that journey. Joined: May Washington DC. Bill W. Interesting approach. My Genesis Tribute Band: www. West Sussex, UK. Originally Posted By: Bill W.

Joined: Feb NYC area. This is not the first time the question of having or not having a backup computer has come up here. I've used it twice in the last ten years - once when I left for a gig in a rush and forgot my backpack with my computer that was a little embarrassing!

I never had a backup keyboard back when I was hardware, and never knew another keyboardist that did. Sure stuff can fail, but that's life. I've dealt with minor failures on a gig before, so from my point of view it's rare enough not to warrant the extra expense and shlep of backup equipment. I do see some disadvantages: mainly that you have to mount it in a rack, which means you're carrying a rack.

You probably want to connect it to some kind of monitor, another piece to carry. Also, it needs power. My laptop's battery can power it and my Roland controller. Maybe that's a reason to use one. The laptop he uses as a back up is primarily builtin EXS24 since it's not a robust machine. In my setup, I use my Macbook pro in clamshell mode, using Insomniax to prevent it from sleeping. Other than the laptop, I jave no "loose" pieces sitting on my boards, etc.. Just the way I prefer to do things. Keyboard stand, rack, done.

The iPad I use to trigger our walk on music, etc.. I never look at the MBP after I am setup. My patch next and previous, and other triggers are mapped to my Arturia Keylab The nature of our gig is we follow the set list.

On those occasions we want to jump, I created a Mididesinger Pro layout that has each song listed, so I can simply touch the iPad, and it calls that specific patch in Mainstage. The iPad is connected to the Macbook via an ad-hoc wifi network. Helpful in that I can go FOH when setting up and trigger notes and samples to see how things sound during setup. My rack sits behind me. It really is a simple setup. Here's a couple screen shots of the Midi Designer pages Page 1, the basics Page 2 same with Page 3 and 4 The individual patches.

Joined: Oct Seems like you could put a Mac Mini and a Key Largo in a really tiny box. Originally Posted By: mate stubb. Nice setup there David. If I was doing local gigs i. I've done ad-hoc wireless networking with TouchOSC on my phone to adjust eq on my rig - it's cool to be able to walk around a room and hear exactly how your rig is gonna sound to the audience. After a few times it started to seem unnecessary - what sounded good to me on stage worked fine for any room I was playing in, so I stopped. Joined: Jul Check out list of supported DAWs.

Well, yes and no. It will do the basic controls such as patch next and previous, as well as transport control. Where it really shines is with the Kontakt instruments, and the Arturia Instruments now that they are.

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It will be interesting to see how this may integrate. Originally Posted By: EscapeRocks. Originally Posted By: U. Also, have you tried Setlist Maker app? I'm trying to decide whether I should go for it or the Midi Designer. I have a Mac Mini and a Macbook and I'm trying come up with a setup where I configure the Mainstage with my Macbook at home and then move the configuration to Mac Mini for live gigs. I would take only the Mac Mini to gigs and use iPad to control Mainstage and also the patches in my keyboards. Phil Aiken.

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It has never let me down, although I do not tend to do many splits. My main setup s are generally about 10 patches selectable from my controller. I carry a small USB monitor and bluetooth keyboard and touch pad, but I have the system set up to boot directly into MainStage, and that stuff generally does not get used. Here's an example of a Midi Designer Pro setup to have a button send more than 1 command at a time. Then I create the "super button" and tell it it's sub controls are the two buttons.

Then I tell Midi Designer to hide the 2 buttons in play mode, so all that shows is the main button. As I said, I very cool tool. I could setup a super button to send MIDI data to an entire rig full of modules and synths. Looks like Midi Designer is just what I need. I'll go ahead and give it a try. Thanks a lot EscapeRocks! You're welcome! They have a great user forum and lots of cool templates made by them and users freely shared. Looking at those can help you get started to see what things can do. Joined: Jun