Boaz dont know mac miller

Like, what in the actual fuck!? Mac Miller was way more than what these uninformed news sites have painted him to be. In fact, the Pittsburgh native was an established artist way before his former lover even got close to becoming a household name. Is it that hard to know this, especially in ? Use it. I had the pleasure of knowing Mac Miller. But way before that I was a fan.

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  • Boaz rises from the streets of Larimer to become next big thing in Pittsburgh hip hop.
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And the way I discovered him was as unique as he was. I returned to my laptop, watched the video in full, fell in love with the track and then found myself falling into a Mac Miller YouTube rabbit hole that went on all day, all night and all week. Then I discovered his K. Mac Miller was so unapologetically Hip Hop and I loved that about him. Everything he did was Hip Hop. He was all about the culture and the betterment of it.

He had a pure heart and an even purer soul, which was something easily identifiable in the music he made and the way in which he carried himself. It was uncanny how much he reminded me of myself. I felt like he and I lived parallel lives. We were both white. We both loved and respected Hip Hop culture.

We educated our friends and family on the history and values of Hip Hop. And we were both respected by our peers. To me our come up felt the same. We understood we were guests in the house of Hip Hop. He was someone who was rarely painted with the white rapper stigma.

Boaz ft. Mac Miller - Don't Know

He was a rapper, a singer, a producer often under his alias Larry Fisherman , a writer, a multi-instrumentalist, a director, and so much more. I remember seeing him perform in London on the day his sophomore album, Watching Movies with the Sound Off , was released. He was never one to sell his fans short. Instead he was backed up by The Internet.

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Yes, you read that right. All he wanted was for it to sound the best it possibly could. I had seen him perform three times previous since first discovering his music but this show was special because it was the first time I was going to get the opportunity to interview him. Something that stood out to me at the time was how unassuming he was.

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He was sat on a bench smoking a cigarette as I walked around the corner and straight away I could tell that he possessed a laid back and unruffled aura. He stood up, introduced himself - he wasn't presumptuous in thinking that I would know who he was - and then proceeded to dap me up following it with a hug.

Boaz Featuring Mac Miller “Don’t Know”

We were due to talk for 20 minutes but the interview ended up clocking in at a little over an hour because we ended up going off on all sorts of tangents. But that was Mac. He always gave you all of his attention and if the conversation was something that interested him he wanted to keep on talking, especially if it was a conversation that involved geeking out over music. Every interview we did after that went the exact same way. Alongside the likes of Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Big Sean, Mac played an integral role in the resurgence of the mixtape scene that took place towards the end of the s.

You listen to Tupac, you wanna kill somebody. I want people to listen to my music and realize the struggle, the hustle and the perseverance. Earlier this year, that hustle earned Boaz an opportunity to appear on his first national tour, the Smoker's Club Tour with Big K. You could be on stage for 30 minutes every day.

05 Boaz Don't Know Ft Mac Miller

You gotta keep some fresh shit on the brain to keep the crowd entertained. The tour also featured fellow Pittsburgh hip-hop artist Mac Miller. Boaz "has always been everyone's number one," says the year-old Miller. He's such a great representation of our city. The two MCs first collaborated on record in , on the song "5 O'Clock. At first glance, it's an odd match: Miller, a Point Breeze native, has a demographic drawn from high schools and colleges, while Boaz's core audience is more accustomed to the street lifestyle portrayed in his music.

It's all about two different worlds colliding just for the sake of making good music. Blak Czer is confident that Boaz has the lyrical talent to take it to the next level, and approach the kind of success that Miller and Wiz Khalifa are finding. He got that knowledge of someone like Nas," Blak Czer says. With six solo mixtapes, an album and several projects as a member of local rap crew The Govament under his belt, Boaz remains modest.

We came up in humble surroundings and learned to make the best of what we had. I trust that's made me more sufficient to handle bigger business if it comes. And trust me: If it does come, I'll still be able to handle myself the right way. Boaz sits at Time Bomb Spot, the hip-hop gear store in Shadyside; behind him is displayed a collage featuring early mixtape covers and news articles related to him.

And he's gonna save hip hop," Brick adds emphatically.

New Music: Boaz - "Don't Know" Feat. Mac Miller

The next album, Audio-Biography 2 , is set to be released by year's end, and Boaz has big plans. I'm trusting that it will allow me to afford a means for my family.

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I'm hoping to have a lengthy career -- I'm not just looking to come up with a smash hit and cash out on y'all. I wanna ride this out and have the best career I can. Showing 1- 1 of 1. Add a comment.