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Linux vs Mac OS: 15 Reasons Why You Must Use Linux Instead of Mac OS

I also primarily am a web developer and having easy access to windows, OS X and Linux on the same machine is damn convenient for testing. I'm considering switching back because of the poor support the Mac has been getting and the abysmal frequency of the hardware updates makes it feel like Apple really only cares about their mobile market and don't really want to continue to support the platform I'm most interested in using. Did it about 3 months ago after Apple made two of my devices obsolete in one fell swoop with their new OS release. Started my linux journey with Ubuntu and moved on to Arch.

I absolutely love everything about it and will never go back. But I will keep using my Ubuntu laptop as a 2nd computer. Might try to run a different distro once it becomes my secondary machine.

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Linux is too good not to use. I converted my gaming PC into a Linux machine and haven't looked back since.

I use Macs at work from time to time, though, and they drive me crazy. OS X used to feel like a well-crafted system that keeps the sharp pointy bits out of the way so typical end users don't get hurt by them, but they were still easy enough to get at if you knew where to look. Now OS X feels even more like it thinks it knows better than the end user than Windows! It's also gotten progressively buggier with each release, and I've noticed that with the advent of the app store the free software ecosystem on OS X has mostly dried up outside of homebrew and such.

I've used Linux far less than that, but I could never see myself going back. The user experience on Linux desktops has improved radically in last years and most DEs retained high customizability. Meanwhile, OSX has seemingly not progressed at all as a desktop.

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The Dock now locks bland and uninspiring, still no flexible multi-monitor-multi-desktop settings for the global menu, adding new programs to the Application menu still requires complicated wrappers, Finder is still a joke as a file manager And Apple has not been focused enough on Mac hardware lately although I think a lot of that comes from a switch to ARM that's in the works, but that's another conversation. I must admit that only Linux impressed me in More at Reddit. Ultimate Edition 5. Using the latest Xfce 4.

Linux vs Macintosh vs Windows (unbiased comparison)

While you won't find an office suite and any of the usual software applications that are included in the Ultimate Edition flavor, Ultimate Edition 5. But users will also find Steam, Valve's digital gaming distribution platform, allowing you to play all the awesome games you've purchased on Steam for Linux until this day. As a bonus, Ultimate Edition 5. You need also get along with LT system. Ubuntu stability vs MacOS 0.

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Have fun, anything is better than windows, good luck. EgoDominusVos February 5, , pm 8.

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