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NET Framework 3.

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Office DjVu Exporter. This function works on Word, Excel and PowerPoint. DjVuLibre 3. DjVuLibre Windows, v. It contains programs for simple encoding photo, bitonal, limited color modes , decoding DjVu into raster and PostScript files, XML text layer manipulation, document structure manipulation, changing pages in multipage DjVu documents. Windows: 8.

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WinDjView 2. WinDjView 0. It's based on DjVuLibre library. It doesn't require installation and register entries. As only one it has continuus page display. Supports hyperlinks, outlines, hilighted annotations and fullscreen display. Bookmark Tool. Bookmarks are prepared using special html file. It hasn't installer, doesn't integrate itself with system and registery.

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Version: 1. The goal of this software is to replace the multiple document viewers with a single simple application.

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These are the most popular formats for scientific and technical documentation. Since DjVu documents perform pretty similar to PDFs and even are searchable in many cases which is often forgotten it might be a good choice to stick with the original document choosing an adequate reader to open your DjVu. DjVu is a digital document format mainly images and other scanned files with support for an advanced compression technology and incredible performance.

Its loosy compression features ensure storage of high-quality and readable images in a modest space offering distribution channel for the internet. These superior features of DjVu lead to the development of a series of viewers and Readers for DjVu for different operating systems. The most popular of these viewers are:. In comparison to the other alternatives presented here, it not only allows to open and view DjVus but also supports basic operations to manipulate and edit them.

These operations for example include annotations to your DjVu files or exporting single pages to other formats.

Therefore, it is probably by far the best choice to deal with DjVu under Windows. The main pro for the Sumatra reader is that the installation process is really easy and straight-forward, altough other tools offer more sophisticated features. Download Links: Windows. DjView is a handsome DjVu reader and browser plugin which is available for free for the operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac. The lastest version is version 4. DjView4 offers a standalone viewer for Unix under X11, a browser plugin for most unix browsers, a full set of utility for manipulation and assembling of DjVu images and documents among other cool features.

It is based on the free DjVuLibre to decode documents and its main features include a tabbed document interface, text-searching and copying, thumbnails with adjustable size, content hyperlinks and display modes such as Color, Black and White, Foreground or Background as well as support for exporting of particular pages into images Supported formtas: bmp, png, gif, tif and jpg. Furthermore, it is the only apllication which is maintained by the original inventors of DjVu.

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And the contents lie in the right panel. It has nice interfere and supports bookmarking, which ensures you a good reading experience. But DjVuFileReader needs take you about a minute to load files for its slow speed. DjVu Reader For Mac provides an intuitive interface. Many Mac users recommend it with enthusiasm. The problem is, you cannot read multiple files in the same time, you need to open one by one. Besides, it claims as free, but turns out to be a paid product when need full service.

“App can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” Error FIX, can't install app

A compact and fast application, MacDJView is not one that comes with great features, but is a simple and basic program for Mac users to read DjVu files. You will feel pleasant with the tabbed interface and continuous scrolling. We have written a brief introduction about 5 best DjVu viewers for Mac users above. In order to let you compare them easily, here lists a table for further comparing.

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  4. You can know the operating system, supported file formats, exporting file formats and tools. If you are not working on highly private files or not requiring high on reading experience, you can try these. But for my own part, online free DjVu Reader for mac is often put on the bottom of my list, due to following cons of using an online free tool:.

    Anyway, here we introduce 2 methods to view DjVu files online free, if above-stated cons mean nothing for you.

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    Firefox offers a plug-in to view DjVu files online for free. You just need to add this plug-in onto your firefox, then drag DjVu files for reading online. A lot of our users always find it difficult to choose between a DjVu Reader with extended features and a DjVu Viewer that is easy to use.

    With several clicks, you will get what you want. Have a try on its free trial. Learn More.


    Reduce PDF file size without losing any quality. How to open XPS file on Mac? There are two methods to do that. This article will share those two methods for Mac users.